Why we are all about Giving Back…

And now, with Giving Back, Dr. Bhateja is taking everything to the next level. He wants to inspire the athlete inside everyone and help people get back on their feet and back to living their best lives.

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Do you believe in the spirit of the sport?

We do.

We believe that it’s that spirit that helps us climb the highest of mountains and chase endless sunsets. It’s that spirit that teaches us to never give up. The spirit that helps us believe creating new possibilities and making it happen. The spirit to run, to bike, to climb, to swim. To ride every day. To live

We believe there is no race that we can’t win. No game that we will quit. Every setback is just a lesson in training. A new strategy. New gameplay. We may stumble but we always come back.

We believe everyone is an athlete.

On the playing field nothing matters. Not age. Not gender. All that matters is the game and you’re the one playing it.

We believe you are an athlete.

Maybe you’re running marathons. Maybe you’re biking your way across the country. Maybe you dream of swimming across oceans. Maybe you’re just playing the game of life. We believe that you have the spirit of the sport in you. We know that you can create the new possible.

We believe we can help you get there.

We are athletes. We are healers. We are right there with you training, fighting, struggling, achieving. We know winning is simply not giving up and we won’t let you give up either.

We believe that we can help you create your new possible. We believe in giving back. And, we’ve always got your back.

Free Spine Surgeries for charity

These are some of the procedures which we will be performing as part of our free spine surgery programme.

Laminectomy with lateral mass fusion
Laminoplasty with strut
C1-C2 fusion
Corpectomy with fusion
Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
Cervical disc replacement
Lamino-foraminotomy and discectomy
Micro discectomy
Foramen Magnum Decompression
Minimally invasive spine fusion
Microsurgical Excision of Spinal Tumors
Navigation guided cervical pedicle screw fixation
Minimally invasive micro lumbar discectomy
Cutting edge O arm navigation guided spinal instrumentation