Who is Dr. Sita Bhateja?

Dr. Sita Bhateja and her lifelong commitment towards the service of others informs the philosophy behind Giving Back. Inspired by Marie Curie’s life and contributions, Dr. Bhateja as a young girl decided to help her community in every way possible. This resulted in her becoming one of the top gynecologists in the city of Bangalore. In 1965, she started a nursing home and in 1969, the charitable arm of the Dr (Mrs) Sita Bhateja Nursing Home was also established. Philanthropy and a love for medicine ran in the family, as a few decades later, her son Dr. Arvind Bhateja expanded the scope of the hospital by introducing multiple specialities in neuro and spine surgery, orthopaedics, intensive care, internal medicine, urology, plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery.

The prodigal son

In addition to being an accomplished neurosurgeon, Dr. Bhateja is an extraordinarily dedicated amateur athlete. When he is not found performing in the operation theatre, he is often spotted whizzing past in his cycle and participating in multiple races across the country (and also the world). If that weren’t enough, Dr. Bhateja combines his passion for sport to help give back to those who are in most need of his help and expertise. Over the years, he has participated in races and rallied the sporting community to raise funds to help pay for patients from underprivileged backgrounds. His own philosophy is simple – everyone deserves to have the best possible healthcare regardless of their background. And, everyone has an athlete in their heart.

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Why we are all about giving back…

And now, with Giving Back, Dr. Bhateja is taking everything to the next level. He wants to inspire the athlete inside everyone and help people get back on their feet and back to living their best lives. Through intentional fund raising, dedicated community and other efforts, Giving Back will continuously aim to provide world-class healthcare and life-saving surgeries to everyone regardless of their financial or social backgrounds.
Giving Back is all about reaching out to as many people in need as possible and helping them discover the sporting spirit within themselves. Whether they are a weekend warrior or an elderly person just looking to enjoy time with their grandkids. And, we are all in to make that happen because the next life we save could be yours.

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Everyone deserves to win in life.

Far too many families simply couldn’t afford the life-saving surgeries for their loved ones. How can you succeed if you can’t even afford to step into the game? That’s when we decided to level the playing field. We began raising funds that will ultimately subsidize the cost of medical treatment for those that needed it the most. Dr. Bhateja, an avid cyclist, has often found support within the community. Through partnerships with prestigious events like Tour of Nilgiris, the community of cyclists have saddled up help those in need.

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